It’s been a while since my last post on project Figaro. Therefore I’ve consciously committed to sharing more regular updates. This is a short post on the rear quarter repair, but don’t fear, there’s more to come!

Oh and FYI, I’ve only got myself to blame as I’ve started a new project. 🙂


The passenger side rear quarter showed signs of rot but fortunately not to the extent that required replacement / fabrication of new panels. Rust had built up in the lower arch area: externally where road muck gathers and internally where moisture runs down.

Step 1: Cut out the rot

Out came the angle grinder and out came the rot. Using a thin cutting disc, I removed a small section of the rear quarter (outer and inner panels) and arch return. All areas received two coats of weld through spray paint in advance of welding.


Step 2: Weld in fresh steel

This step required some minor fabrication in the form of a triangular shaped piece of fresh steel. Fabrication of the oversize piece allowed it to:

  • Slip behind the existing panel and provide a solid surface for an overlap weld
  • Recreate the return

I used my SIP 105DP MIG welder to secure the new steel*. Furthermore I cut slits into the new return so that I could hammer and match the existing arch curve.

The bottom of the first picture shows where I used a spot welder to join the new steel to the existing. In the second and last pictures you’ll see two holes used to fix the mud guard. The bottom hole had to be drilled through the new repair piece.


Step 3: Clean-up and filling

Post welding, I cleaned all areas with a wire cup brush before using seam sealer to seal internal welds. All areas received two coats of etch primer before filling with Dinitrol 6030 body filler. I’ve been using this stuff for years. It dries quickly (conditions dependent) and rock hard. It’s easy to sand and shape and has stood the test of time on a number of projects. I’m not receiving kickbacks :P.

Finally the repair was blended into the curve of the quarter.


* My new toy, the R-Tech 180 amp Mig welder was delivered today – can’t wait to try it out! I’ve ordered it with the MMA electrode holder…intrigued to see how I get on with stick.



Passenger Side Sill Finishing

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